Electronic Library Consortium of America

In current globalizing world when strong relations are set between different companies and countries, there is need in such strong relations and connections between intellectual organizations. This is the main reason for creation the “Electronic Library Consortium of America” project.



Although there are many organization both formal and non formal that aim to strengthen idea and data exchange between scientific organizations all over the world, the ELCA project will bring this relations to a new level. In the past talking about such projects was not possible because of lack of resources and technical support, but with the development of information technologies it will be much easier to connect to ELCA members all over the world and manage different connections and data flows between this members.

ELCA Credo

ELCA believes in the freedom of information and the freedom of idea exchange between people of different language, ethnicity and religion. The development of science and technology and overall humanity is based on the cooperation between highly intellectual people. Such cooperation should be created to promote the development of humanity.

ELCA Geography

Taking account that there may be some difficulty in spreading relevant information about ELCA project all over the world, for the first period of time ELCA project will be implemented in America: including both Latin America and North America countries. After the cooperation network is set up between these countries, steps will be taken to invite countries from other countries: from Europe, Africa and Asia.

ELCA Action Plan

To realize ELCA project first off all strong PR projects will be implemented to spread a deliver information about the project to all interested parties. For these purposes internet marketing strategies will be used. Next will be the member sign up and cooperation contract signing period: all the members should be sure that no copyright law will be broken and their rights are protected. If the member organization doesn’t have sufficient technical and financial resources to cooperate with ELCA project, but represents high value for us, we will do our best to find investors and grants to support these organizations.