Things you should know about the Playstation Network

PlayStation Network is a digital media platform dedicated to a range of users affiliated to PlayStation gaming devices in one way or another. The platform was unveiled in November 2006 by Sony Interactive Entertainment in its bid to mobilize all the services offered by PlayStation under one roof. Apart from offering entertainment services, the network also launched a loyalty program to its customers commonly termed as code PSN gratuit. Consistent users afford the chance of winning fabulous prices such as laptops or PlayStation gaming consoles by actually redeeming the codes.
Registering to the network
Before you are able to access the various services offered in the PlayStation Network, one has to be a registered user. Registering is rather simple. Given that it is an online platform, you have to go to the site and choose the join now option. Then you will be required to provide basic details such as your email address, date of birth, gender, place of residence and an appropriate password. Finally, go through the terms of use as well as the privacy policy and then give a consent indicating that you comply with the terms of service. On the other hand, subsequent users only have to log in using their valid credentials to access the various services availed on the platform.

PlayStation Store
This is an active marketplace accessible to registered users. It features juicy deals of the week based on the customers’ preferences, latest games and some exclusive content. Given that PlayStation is generally about video games, many people are often keen about the very latest games that have ultra-high graphics. With the rapid technological advancements in the gaming industry, fanatic gamers always hope to play games that are as realistic as possible. Alternatively, customers have the option of buying or renting films and Tv series in either high definition or standard definition. The online market also has a large library of existing games offered at a discounted price.
PlayStation Video
PlayStation video gives you the opportunity to watch movies as they are released. While other movie subscription services provide films way after they are released, the PSN shows fresh and exclusive movies that create a buzz among the people. What’s even more amusing is the fact that you can store each movie that you watch on an online library and get access to it whenever you feel like watching. These videos can be watched by a range of devices such as a digital television, a mac, a pc or even via a smartphone in the quality that you prefer. It only depends on what you have and your preferences.
PlayStation Music
The network is integrated with Spotify that offers music streaming services. You could listen to your favorite song or album from your PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 3 while playing your favorite game. How much better can it become? As a matter of fact, millions of music of several genres are in offing. You won’t be able to exhaust the list
PlayStation Plus
This is a superior subscription service that offers exclusive services to members. These prestigious services include early access to prospective games, frequent discounts in the store and automatic software updates to the console. Additionally, members get six games every month based on previous choices and an extra 10 TB of cloud space to store the games and movies. PlayStation Plus is a luxurious services provided to members that do not fancy the basic and preliminary services. Nevertheless, members of the PlayStation Plus will lose all the privileges they have whenever the subscription lapses in spite of paying exorbitantly.
PlayStation Now
This is the ultimate platform for streaming games and playing against different gamers worldwide. You only need a broadband internet connection to stream the various games on the library. The PlayStation gives you high gaming pleasure without having to fill up your hard disk with large files
PlayStation Blog
The network has a blogging platform where contents such as store updates or game and movie announcements can be published. The blog can be used by the users to submit their grievances as well as reviews that can then be used by the PlayStation staff to improve the user experience.
Generally speaking, the PlayStation Network offers an ideal environment for gamers all over the world. It provides flexible services for the affluent and less affluent. It only takes a few bucks to register to the premium services and get going.

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